Drive foot traffic with the touch of a button.

Don't fall victim to the "slow season" in retail. With Insighty, you can draft, schedule and send promotions redeemable in your store. Straight to your customer's back pockets at the perfect time. Acquire new customers, keep existing ones coming back, and exceed your sales goals every time.


Keep the line open 24/7.

Personlized and non-intrusive two-way text conversations provide your customers with an experience unlike any others available for businesses. In a digital world where everyone expects a cold, clinical experience, or off-shore customer service represetative, Insighty responds to their concerns in a personal way everyone can appreciate.


Provide the highest quality of care imaginable.

Collect your patient's health data, send out appointment reminders, and connect with your potients post-surgery to make sure they're following the doctor's instructions, taking their medications regularly.


Real-time campus communication isn't just smarter, but safter.

Keep every faculty member and student at your campus aware of emergencies and potential threats to their safety.

Real Estate

Your advantage in a competitive market.

Text app for your property listing can help you collect phone numbers of potential buyers you never met and push real-time updates to them effortlessly. More importantly, it allows you to acquire new leads for next listing or buyers.


Pull off your next event seamlessly.

Whether you're holding an annual conference, tradeshow, or quarterly business event, communicate with everyone in the crowd instantly using the Text-to-Join feature. It's easy for everyone to get on the same page.